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The Proud Villager

The Proud Villager shows a country and continent dichotomized by all humanly negative existing factors and unethical behaviour by entire very hostile host African Northern countries against a people who did not fault except for being illegals. Neighbours who saw themselves as better than their dark-skinned peers of the same continent because of their skin colour. Neighbours who call themselves Arabs to make a clean difference of not being Africans and neighbours that call themselves Africans when there was that need to gain favour and support from those dark-skinned people they so despised. Neighbours that could better be described as insidious and invidious.

The Hoity-Toity, insidious, invidious, invincible planning among people and government officials in most of the Sub-Saharan African and European countries to revalidate, and reinstall systematic slavery and prostitution in very many ways unknown to humanity— in a modern world are indeed very difficult to comprehend to the unsuspecting and unfathomable mind.

Some illegal immigrants who for the want of greener pastures in Europe ended up as corpses, prostitutes, truncated and modelled slaves in their Sahara-bordered countries. A people cheated, duped, enslaved, beaten up, chased about like failed tethered goats, some driven deep into the desert and abandoned to fate, emasculated and emancipated by their Arab Saharan bordered neighbours. Despite all the man-made odds, the Sub-Saharan Africans make all the running facts like fiction out of unrecognized self-pity to show the warmth and rage they are mostly made of. They created bonds of love, hope and aspirations for a new dawn and opportunity — knowing that giving up in the face of those invincible odds would create doom and cataclysm for them and their aspirations. Only a fraction of them would sing Veni Vidi Vici just as not all soldiers that go to war survive to tell tales about their experiences — but how? Read on.


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I am “The proud Villager” from both geographical hemispheres with enough urbanization stuff and a magnificent and drilled “Brains over the barriers”. “Foes” (Friends or enemies standing) abound everywhere one turns, but, with perseverance most torments and backstabbing fuse in a time warp, evoking the timeworn aphorism that “Sweet are the uses of adversity”. “Trust” (The rigours under sadistic transgressors) cannot be cheaply given when one has “the pocket pamphlet of wisdom”. A day with an elite American Marine would make any right-thinking man commit to memory “Quantico” (The Marines’ home). No “Wambling, queasy and hallucinating” when one works side by side with a Marine because they are tough and obey laid down rules with military precision.



My dear Chief Enebeli, I am not bestowed with the gift of flattery, nor praise sorcery, as hidden baits for unearned grandeur.  You are a great writer and dignified journalist. I am proud of you in the art and science of identifying, collecting, interpreting, analyzing, and evaluating facts for valuable information without hasty publicity.

Remain ever blessed

(Prof. O.S. Okobiah, (Rtd.) JP, Mnae, Phf, Fssn, Fdsp)